About Songs in the Night:

The songs in this project all have their root in what has become the most difficult couple of years of my life. In June of 2013 my son, Watts (10 months at the time), was diagnosed with Leukemia (infant ALL). The "new normal" of our lives, and the exhausting and frequent hospital stays became the seeds of a new thing. Ideas and themes emerged and I worked to wrestle them down into something that made sense. As we met an entirely new world of people in this childhood cancer world, I began to experience something that I had known mostly only in concept: significant pain and hardship is everywhere. And so is hope and love. My songs started to take shape around the beautiful paradox of feeling both brokenhearted and hopeful at the same time. I've grown certain that to live is to feel these things.

These are the most honest songs I've ever written, and I've never felt more compelled to write as for this project. My hope is that they would encourage you (or maybe someone you care about) in your dark nights. That you would know that your broken heart is beautiful, because it is held by a Great Love.

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