Versatile and flexible.

Thoughtful and creative.

Visual design for web and print.


Michael Van Patter

Creative at Heart

I'm passionate about helping people communicate their vision through their presence on the web and in print. I believe this is more story than fact-sheet and I approach projects seeking the narrative.


I've worked hard at developing the technical aspects of design, but I know that in the end, people will be interacting with them. Understanding and creating design that makes to sense your people is something I care deeply about.

Partners in Crime

Most likely, neither you or I are interested in a one-size-fits-all solution for you, so let's consider this a partnership and build something awesome together.

Who I Am

I'm proud to call Greensboro, NC home, but I have worked with people from all over. I would love to partner with you in whatever projects you're dreaming up. Whether it's a simple logo, comprehensive branding and package design, website, or handcrafted goods, I'd be honored to have a conversation about how we might work together and make something beautiful.




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